It is our mission to organize next-generation fishing adventures.

“Every idea has a story and it would be a sin not to share it with you. The concept of Trevally came to be from our own fishing adventure in Australia in 2016. Back then, we were roaming around in a 4WD, towing a boat/tinny behind us for 5,000km, from Brisbane to Darwin.

On our last days of the trip, flipping shark burgers in the camp, we were reminiscing. Beautifully vibrant coral fish, 100kg sharks, super-fast sailfish, and massive mud crabs were only a tiny part of our spectacular adventure. Then we realized, words can’t do justice to what we saw. You’d need to be a part of it to fully experience Australian fishing.”


Toomas Pärnamaa

Captain of Trevally

Entrepreneurial adventurer. Excel and rationalism are in his arsenal but will not hold him back when there is a good story to be told. Bringing ideas to life can mean that some of them don’t work out, but that doesn’t matter to Toomas. You learn from your mistakes. He goes about business the same way. You live, you learn.
E-mail: toomas@trevallyfishing.ee
Phone: +372 566 68 536

Helena Kõiv

Trevally content wizard

A cocktail of total dedication and creative thinking, if it’s worth doing Helena will do it with a passion. Graduated summa cum laude, Bachelor of Arts in Humanities in the field of audio-visual media at the Baltic Film and Media School. Skills that are highly sought after by many enterprises.
E-mail: helena@trevallyfishing.ee

Otto Zeiger

Trevally Australian counterpart and co-founder

An Estonian in Australia who is no stranger to challenges. Avid adventurer who is determined like a tank. Relentless efforts in the Australian visa system, combined with years of rural work, have ensured him a permanent residency in Australia. There is no better man to be in charge.
E-mail: otto@trevallyfishing.ee

Telefon: +614 595 98 426  

Please note, this is an Australian number!